Thursday, August 12, 2010

10 Fingers 10 Toes Part 2

Here is part 2 of 10 Fingers 10 Toes!
And the love never stops flowing!!  Welcome to the world baby Jordyn, your family was so excited to see you!  Especially your big sister!
The world is your oyster Jordyn, and with all the love you have in your life I know you will go far!

10 Fingers 10 Toes Part 1

There are so many special moments in ones life, some that will stay with you forever!  To be able to share in these special moments is a true honor, and this "special moment" is one that will stay with me till the end of time!
Being a part of a birth session is truly amazing, breath taking, and filled with LOVE (not to forget tears of joy)!  Smiles and congratulations are shared amongst family and friends, & the first glimpse of a new family member is had by all!
This week all my mommas decided to go into labor with their little ones set on entering this world!  It was a busy couple of days (well worth it) and I am sure the hospital is enjoying their break from me and my camera clicks!
I will give them a break until my next momma decides to go into labor.
With that being said here is part 1 of 10 Fingers 10 Toes.

Baby Ava, welcome to the world!  It was a true pleasure being there for your first few hours in the world!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Baby Isabella

Nothing is as special as the bond between mother and child.  That bond was visible during my session with Marisol and baby Isabella!  Isabella was a little bundle of love during our session who found it quite necessary to up her feeding sessions while I was there.  She had quite the appetite and quiet the nap afterward!  After her nap she was wide awake and ready to take in everything around her. 
Welcome to the world baby girl and it was a pleasure meeting you!!  Congrats Marisol, you are an amazing mother! Thank you for letting me capture such priceless moments for you and your family!
Isabella, it was a pleasure hanging out with you and your mommy. 

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**song dedication for this session:  A Song For Mama by Boyz II Men**